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Travelling may be one of the most carbon-emission activities in the world. However, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing we can do about it. Sustainable travelling can be enjoyable and give you new experiences but still maintain ideas of ecological living to save our planet for future generations!
Here are some great sustainable travelling tips for you to start becoming more ecological while travelling.

Be mindful with your flight

Around 2.5 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions come from air travel. Instead of flying multiple times to a lot of places in one trip, try flying to just one destination then use local transportation for travel. Trains and local buses are few of the most efficient ways of transportation. There are plenty of websites out there that can help planning the local bus or train route for you. Otherwise, if you are not a planner type, but more of an explorer, consider taking a train/bus and getting off at the station or stop that looks nice to you. Maybe you’ll find your new favorite place on the map!

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Bring your own toiletries

Don’t forget to say NO to the free amenity kits on the airplane! These toiletries with small packaging run out fast and eventually become an unnecessary waste in the blink of an eye. Bringing your own toiletries in a reusable packaging is a much better way for our planet and can be a safer way for you too. Beyond that, be careful not to bring products that could be harmful to the environment such as face or body wash with micro beads, aerosol products in cans, and sulfate shampoo for example, since these products often end up in rivers or oceans. Instead, biodegradable soap and shampoo is one of the best alternatives to save our fragile environment

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Pack wisely

If you’ve noticed it before, the amount of single-use plastic is tremendously used more when you travel, and most likely it’s because you don’t have many choices but just to use it. A good solution for this problem is easy: pack your own replacements for those possible single-use plastic appliances. Start from reusable plastic bottles, it keeps you hydrated and can save roughly 150 single-use plastic bottles every year. Bamboo or wood utensils are also a good way to avoid single-use plastic. Last but not least, bring your own Tupperware containers, it helps you avoid single-use plastic when buying street food. Apart from that, pack lightly, one more bag might not sound like a big burden to you, but actually its weight adds up on the airplane and causes it to use a lot more fuel.

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Travel slowly

While travelling to many places and covering a ton of distance sounds nice, it produces a lot of greenhouse gases along the way. Travelling slowly is a great way to enjoy your trips while contributing to a better environment! Let us share some of the ways to achieve that. Consider choosing the top one or two places and take your time there. Explore on foot. Find a nice spot and spend your day there. It may be a stunning view of nature or a local street or even that bustling city center! Spend your time on amazing activities rather than focusing on covering a lot of distance or checking-in at all the recommended spots. Outdoor activities like hiking, canoeing, biking, sailing are also some of the best adventures to enjoy nature. If your destination is a city, try making a meaningful connection with the locals. There are always a variety of activities with the locals such as local dish cooking class, fishing, and simply learning new cultures.

Koh Samui adventure – Zipline ride

Eat and support local products

Instead of eating out at a multinational fast food chain, try eating locally at least for a couple of meals. Local foods often are healthier, cheaper and better for the planet. As well as supporting the locals, you also learn their culture along the way when you consume local food. This is applied to local products and souvenirs as well. Many items in souvenir shops might not be from the locals but it’s imported from other places, so you might want to look a bit more closely when selecting the products. Handmade local items such as local made fabric items, wood objects, ceramics as a souvenir are always a good idea to bring back home. Not only do you save the planet from carbon emission, you are supporting the local economy at the same time. How great is that!

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Lastly, we hope these tips are helpful. Enjoy your next trip on the road to be an eco-conscious traveller!