Can’t Visit Your Favorite Restaurants? These 10 Spots Deliver Anywhere in Thailand

It’s been a tough time for the F&B and hospitality industry. Restaurants are asked to close or can only take in a certain number of customers due to COVID-19 restrictions, and our movements are hampered, making it difficult to travel and enjoy regional specialties across the country.

But the promise of vaccinations is the shining light at the end of the tunnel. As we wait for things to get better, let’s take heart that there are restaurants that offer delivery—to anywhere in Thailand!

Song Hai 

If you’re craving for food from your fave Phuket restaurants, then you’ll be thrilled to discover Song Hai, a brand-new delivery platform that delivers food from renowned restaurants such as Go Benz, Namyoi, Tukabkhao, and more. Delivery fee starts from B250 and you can order from as many as 10 restaurants.

Delivery fee starts from 250 Baht.

Locus Native Food Lab

This Chiang Rai-based chef’s table restaurant and food lab, owned by Chef Kongwut “Kong” Chaiwongkhajon, offers takeaway and delivery—and we are thrilled. You don’t get the set menu that’s normally served at the restaurant, but the dishes they do sell, such as khao soy (noodles in curry), sai oua (northern-style sausage), and laab nua (spicy pork with herbs) are more than enough to appease our craving for northern fare. 

Free delivery with a minimum order 950 Baht.

Baan Saun Lang Sard

This Koh Samui restaurant has long been known as a happy place for the fiery dishes of the south. Order reasonably priced fare such as blue swimmer crab with sataw, baegu flowers spicy salad, and horseshoe crab chili paste served with grilled sataw for a taste of real southern flavors. Dishes are made with locally sourced vegetables and seafood from sustainable fisheries. 

Delivery fee starts from 200 Baht.

Mak Khang 

This well-loved Udonthani restaurant, led by Chef Weerawat “Num” Triyasenawat, is known for using ethically and sustainably sourced local herbs and ingredients. The food is a cut above your average Thai meals, and so is their cook-at-home delivery set, which includes khao mun gai (chicken rice) and kha moo (pork knuckles) served with a variety of condiments. 

Delivery fee starts from 250 Baht.

Tiw Tara 

Each day Tiw Tara in Trat sources mud crabs and fish from their own pier to guarantee freshness. These crabs are definitely a menu highlight, and they’re now on a promo price of B350 for 1.5kg. 

Delivery fee starts from 150 Baht.

Lert Bakery 

Who else misses the old-school egg cake from this popular shop? For more than half a century, Lert Bakery has been making these cakes with a smooth, soft texture and crispy golden exterior. Thankfully, you don’t have to go crazy waiting for your next bite because they now offer nationwide delivery. 

Delivery fee starts from 67 Baht.

Lobster Virtual Kitchen 

Just because Lobster Virtual Kitchen doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar outlet doesn’t mean their food isn’t stellar as any other restaurant. Helmed by a chef whose resume includes a few renowned Italian institutions in Bangkok, this pasta-based virtual store delivers some of the best pasta meals you can hope for. Each offering is made with fresh handmade pasta and mind- blowing homemade sauces. Check their Instagram account for their weekly offerings. 

Delivery fee starts from 100 Baht.

Earth Tone 

This little gem in Pai makes healthy versions of your favorite snacks. Up for delivery are gluten-free brownies and breads, homemade nut butters and jams, and even a kombucha starter kit.

Delivery fee starts from 50 Baht.


You read it right. You can now order the homemade ice cream from famed Chiang Mai artisanal kitchen Blackitch for delivery. And from our experience, the ice cream, made following recipes by Chef Phanuphol “Black” Bulsuwan, is delivered at just the right temperature. Flavors include Sweet Corn Cheese, Mae Jam Peach, Black Sugar Kuro Sato, and Burnt Honey. For something more savory, order their new shio ramen. 

Delivery fee starts from 250 Baht.

Salee Bakehouse

Good bagels are hard to find in Thailand. Fortunately, this impressive bakery just started rolling out its take on the doughnut-shaped roll—and we’re pretty impressed. You can also order other goodies, such as loaf, soft cookies, and milk jam. Order by Wednesday to get them delivered by Saturday. 

Delivery fee starts from 80 Baht.