Cancellation Policy

GoJo Tours’ Terms and Conditions

Cancellation / No show charge
The following cancellations are applicable to all reservations unless otherwise noted.

  • Over 30 days prior to commencement of services: 30% of total price*
  • 29-15 days prior to commencement of services: 50% of total price*
  • 15-1 days prior to commencement of services: 70% of total price*
  • No Show on departure day and later: 100% of total price*

Late Arrival of Passenger: A passenger shall be liable for any incurred costs caused by late arrival and shall not
be entitled to claim for any damages or compensation whatsoever from GoJo Tours. Late arrival of more than 15
minutes will be charged additional 50% of the package price, and GoJo Tours reserves the right to cancel the service if customer has not arrived as appointment.

Force Majeure: In the event of any causes beyond reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God,
natural disasters, acts of war

In case of terrorism, Strike, change of orders or regulations of the Government Authorities, travel programs can
be modified, rearranged, replaced or cancelled without prior notice to best suit with each situation. In this
circumstance of force majeure, GoJo Tours shall bear no responsibility nor liability for not providing services, any
other services as agreed.

Right to Refusal: These services and Packages are privately owned and managed by Common tours. GoJo Tours,
therefore, reserves the right to refuse to provide the service to anyone under its sole assessment. The refused
passenger shall not be entitled to claim any damages or compensation whatsoever from Common tours.

Travel Accident Insurance The insurance company engaged and provided by GoJo Tours shall be liable for the medical expense for the limit of THB 500,000 per event.

Governing Law and Dispute Resolution:
o This Agreement will be interpreted and governed in accordance with the law of Thailand.
o Any dispute, controversy or claim relating to this Agreement shall be resolved by take place the regulations
of law in Thailand and shall be held in Thai

Inability to Honour Reservations /Refund policy
o GoJo Tours has right to cancel the trip if there is a weather or safety issue concerning the health and security
issue without notice.
o Gojo Tours shall promptly refund the full purchase amount to the requesting party in accordance with
the terms and conditions set forth in the applicable refund policy.
o Notewithstanding the above, Gojo Tours shall not be liable for any costs, expenses, losses, damages, or
claims incurred by the requesting party beyond the refunded purchase amount. This includes, but is
not limited to, any incidental, consequential, or indirect damages, or any expenses incurred by the
requesting party related to the initial purchase, subsequent use, or return of the goods or services.
o The requesting party acknowledges and agrees that the refunded purchase amount is the sole and
exclusive remedy available to them in connection with the purchase and subsequent refund of goods
or services
o The limitation of liability set forth in this clause shall apply to all claims, demands, causes of action,
liabilities, and obligations arising out of or in connection with the refund process and any associated