Worry-free with #GoSafe. GoJo Tours new safety measures.

Tours #GoWithGoJo is worry-free! GoJo Tours has launched a new campaign #GoSafe, to promote our new safety measures and tour adjustments. So guests can feel safe and secure on our tours and activities while still enjoying the full GoJo Tour experience.

Moreover, all tours are available for private bookings. We are adjusting our tour programs so that individuals and small groups can afford to book private experiences and to help reduce concern and nervousness about the outbreak.


Dear GoJo Tours Guests, 

At GoJo Tours, our number one priority has and will always be taking care of our guests’ safety. Now as we work to reopen our tours across Thailand in line with government and W.H.O recommendations, we want to ensure that our experiences are the safest they have ever been. 

To meet the new challenges and expectations that we face with COVID-19, the GoJo team is launching a new initiative called #GoSafe. This new initiative is focused on safe social distancing protocols, increased sanitation practices, and modified standard operating procedures. 

The GoJo team has always had rigorous standards for health and safety. In addition to this, the #GoSafe initiative has taken advice from the World Health Organisation and the Thai Ministry of health to ensure all bases are covered when it comes to preventing the spread of COVID-19. Go Safe will ensure that both our guests and team members are confident in the cleanliness and safety of our tours and activities.

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome you on our tours. 

See you very soon!

Thanks for choosing to #GoWithGoJo

Personal Protective Equipment and COVID-19 training

GoJo Tours will provide appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for all staff members.All team members will receive comprehensive COVID-19 training to cover sanitation & social distancing protocols, as detailed by the Thai Ministry of Public Health. Comprehensive guide training will be conducted to cover unique challenges for each tour.

Employees’ Responsibilities

  • If not wearing protective gloves, guides and office staff will follow the Thai Ministry of Public Health’s guidelines regarding hand sanitation.
  • All team members shall wash their hands for at least 30 seconds (or the time it takes to sing happy birthday) or use hand sanitizer when a sink is not available.
  • Hand sanitation will be used following any of these activities: using the bathroom, sneezing, touching the face, smoking, eating, drinking, touching or handling animals, or preparing food. Guides, office staff, and guests will always have access to a sink or a hand sanitation station.

Private Transports

Cleaning products and protocols will adhere to standards put forth by the Thai Ministry of Public Health for effective use against viruses, bacteria, and other airborne and bloodborne pathogens. 

All private transportation included in any GoJo Tours experience will undergo the following procedures throughout the tour or activity.

  1. Thorough cleaning of bus, boat, or Songthaew with a disinfectant before the beginning of tour or activity.
  2. The crew of private transportation will practice hygiene procedures as defined by GoJo Tours standards. These include frequent use of hand sanitizer, face masks, and washing of hands.
  3. All private transportation will be sanitized after each stop on the tour or activity
  4. All private transportation will have sanitation packs on board for guests and crew to use

Sanitation stations will be readily available throughout tours and activities through sanitation checkpoints, vehicle sanitation packs, and guides sanitation packs. Moreover, particular attention will be paid to tour stops. Portable sanitation packs or washbasins and soap are accessible at each stop.

Food & Beverage

All food and beverage partners GoJo Tours work with will be required to wear appropriate PPE, including face masks, hairnets, and gloves. All glassware, cutlery, food preparation surfaces, menus, and serving ware, and anything else deemed to be high risk will be sanitized with greater frequency and higher temperature. Minimal items will be placed on the tables to allow the bars and restaurants to sanitize areas between guests effectively. Including condiments, menus, and napkin dispensers. Our team, partners, and guests will observe social distancing rules.

Employees and Guests’ Health

As recommended by the Thai Ministry of Public Health, our guests will be advised to practice physical distancing of at least 1.5 m from other groups of people not traveling with them.

Physical Distancing and Queuing

  • All GoJo staff members will engage in frequent hand washing and the use of hand sanitizer; all guests are required to do so.
  • Washing hands with soap and water for 30 seconds (while singing happy birthday) is preferred.
  • Where soap and water aren’t available, alcohol-based sanitizer is recommended.
  • Mandatory temperature checks of guides and guests will be carried out daily.

Health Concerns

  • Guests and staff will be required to report any COVID-19 symptoms to management and local health officials as soon as they are discovered.
  • Team members displaying symptoms will remain or return home. 
  • While working, team members will be required to report any COVID-19 symptoms, from guests or staff to management.
  • GoJo Tours will adhere to recommendations from the Thai Ministry of Public Health regarding the proper procedure for staff quarantine if necessary.